Video - Zurvived: Episode 58 - World War Z delayed

Videa Liebherr T 282 Zurvived: Episode 58 - World War Z delayed

Zurvived: Episode 58 - World War Z delayed

Looks like the film adaption of Max Brooks' World War Z is in some serious trouble. And grab your zombie gear quick because zombie merch is selling out across the country. In this weeks episode: 00:24 FOTW: Apple's Mothership 02:39 WOTW: Black and Decker Pole Saw 05:29 VOTW: Liebherr T 282 07:58 HOTW: Where would you take shelter in a mall? 09:56 Comic Fandom: The Waking 14:36 Fan Feedback 16:55 Resident Evil Live Chat 18:35 More Zombie Attacks! 20:18 Zombie Squash Video Game 21:39 World War Z delayed 23:18 Zombie Boy likes Dermablend Like/Follow Us Your Hosts Mandi Moss Kit Williamson ____________________________________________________ How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse How to kill a zombie Tags: fotw, fortress of the week, apple, think different, the mothership, apple campus, steve jobs, zombies, zurvived, mandi moss, kit williamson, sax carr, undead, living dead, walking dead, vehicle of the week, liebherr t, rock mover, land mover, dump truck, diesel engine, fortress, large truck bed, wotw, weapon of the week, black and decker, pole saw, tree limb saw, electric saw, hotw, hypothetical of the week, mall, dawn of the dead, store bunker, shelter, sharper image, big cookie store, wetzel, pretzels

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