Video - Wi-Fi Battle #282 (Killer Nacho v desert_fox11) [War]

Videa Liebherr T 282 Wi-Fi Battle #282 (Killer Nacho v desert_fox11) [War]

Wi-Fi Battle #282 (Killer Nacho v desert_fox11) [War]

Alright so here's a war match with desert_fox11, now the leader of Team Storm. This is for a war Team Zeal is involved in on the Pojo Forums. At first, I did not put myself on the war roster (I wanted to test out some new recruits), but one of the new recruits didn't work out, so I was subbed in. You may remember this guy as being a Team Riot grunt awhile back. Team Riot disbanded right after being annihilated by us (technically Desu), so he went off and created Team Storm.. so here we are. Desert Fox has always been a class guy and is known for attempting to catch his opponents off-guard by using strange and unusual Pokemon and sets. Will he be able to do that to me? Find out! Leave a comment about your favorite Grass-type. Desert Fox's Youtube: Here's a link to a Storm Admin, DanielSuperpoke. Feel free to laugh at him for his team being destroyed... or sub him, whichever: Take a look at my alternate channel, where I'm currently doing a Pokemon Fire Red playthrough: Anyway, rate, subscribe and leave a comment.

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