Video - Testa Corp lifts Komatsu 1250 out of WTC

Videa Liebherr Crawler excavator Testa Corp lifts Komatsu 1250 out of WTC

Testa Corp lifts Komatsu 1250 out of WTC

After almost 2 years of excavating soil, shearing steel and hammering concrete Testa Corp's Komatsu 1250 finally leaves the World Trade Center Construction Site in New York City. Cranes, Inc. Liebherr 130 ton capacity 885 Crawler crane performs the lifting duties from a stationary deck on the edge of the pit. Lead by a Master Mechanic and Master Rigger this crew of 8 disassembles the 1250 6 stories below street level. Top side a small army of trucks and personnel retrieves each piece, loads them onto waiting trucks and readies them for transport to the next demolition site. Filmed entirely on location in New York City using handheld and remote mounted cameras. Narrated by Stephen SetteDucati.

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