Video - SELMEC Exhibition 2008

Videa Liebherr Articulated trucks SELMEC Exhibition 2008

SELMEC Exhibition 2008

The South East London Meccano Club's 2008 Meccano Exhibition in Eltham, featuring 32 models built by our members. This is also available on DVD from our website at Featured models: Archimedes Ball Roller Articulated Lorry Bagatelle Game Cricketer and Golfer Dive Bomber Fairground Ride Double Flyboats Fairground Ride Empress of Britain Ship Fireless Locomotive Funicular Railway Girderscope Helter Skelter 'John the Navvy' Liebherr Mobile Crane Lion Locomotive Mamod Locomotive Man-Powered Monorail Car Meccanograph Mobile Crane Observer Aeroplane Octopus Fairground Ride Phenakistoscope Piper Cub Aeroplane Pit Head Gear Rolling Bridge Sopwith Camel Aeroplane The Total Energy Plant The Vortex Fairground Ride Traction Engine Tram Triumph TR3 Car Walking Robot Windmill Dealer's Display Model

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