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MANUFACTURER - SALES - HIRE - SERVICE click here to view list of used CRANES FOR SALE We offer cranes both Self Erecting and City Tower Cranes for Hire throughout the UK and Ireland as well as the Sale of machines worldwide, EXPORT ENQUIRIES WELCOME. Mantis Cranes manufacture self-erecting cranes in their factory located in Co. Donegal, Ireland. As well as manufacturing cranes our R & D Department has been working recently on developing a new concept self erecting crane which can be erected in approx 30 minutes from it is delivered to the construction site, called the "Mantis TC 25". This Crane does not require a low loader trailer to deliver it to the site nor does it require any assistance from other machines such as telescopic forklifts to tow it into position or load ballast weights. If a Self Erecting Crane or Tower Crane is not suitable for your project we can offer Mini Crawler Cranes which are often desribed as a crane that is small enough to fit inside the building but large enough to do the job. To complement our cranes we offer Crane Attachments such as Concrete Skips, Column Skips, Banana Skips, Boat skips, Self Tipping Boat Skips, Rubbish Skips, Block Grabs, Fork Toes, Man Baskets from suppliers such as Conquip, Eichinger, Boscaro, Mc Quaid etc. Over the past few years we have also exported cranes to the USA, Bahamas and other islands such as Malta of the coast of Italy, Isle of Wight of the south coast of England and also Orkney Island of Scotland in ...

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