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Rotary Gear Hob Machines #2816 Rotary Gear Hob Machines, Stock Number: 2816 Pfauter P 630 R Age: 1980 *** THE MACHINES ARE SET UP FOR CUTTING ROTORS*** Capacities Maximum pitch in steel with a tensile strength of Approx. 38 tons/sq. in DP 2.5 Spur Gears - Maximum workpiece diameter 24.8" - Maximum axial slide travel 23.6" Minimum number of teeth (double-start index drive) 2 Maximum number of teeth to be cut: 48 Specifications Work Table diameter 21.65" Table recess Diameter 8.35", Depth 3.35" Maximum hob dimensions Diameter 12", Length 13" Diameter of hob arbors a) mm 60, 80, 100 Center distance between hob and workpiece Minimum 2", Maximum 14.7" Taper for hop arbors Morse No. 6 Tangential Slide - B4 exchanging the hob spacers to move the hob to a different location Speeds and Feeds Hob Speed rpm 21 to 115 Axial Feed in./wr. .014 to .240 - - Radial feed in./wr. .004 to .070 Electrical Standard Equipment Voltage V 230/460, Frequency cps 60, Connected load of the machine approx. kVA 28.5 Weight & Space 20000 lbs (including space required to remove) Length 240.5" Width 153" Height 146.65" Equipped With: Designed for Higher table speed with a lower number of teeth Hob head designed for High power and low speed - 115rpm Some Manual Hob shift, but not by power Machines configured for hobbing No Crowning, no double cut, no skip cycle Radial & Axial feed - 1 cut cycle only With Differential & Dwell Extra long tailstock and column Coolant Tank, Chip Conveyor, Misc.tooling Kaste Industrial Machine ...

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