Video - Nooteboom, Liebherr & Grove fleet

Videa Liebherr Crawler Loaders Nooteboom, Liebherr & Grove fleet

Nooteboom, Liebherr & Grove fleet

Here is a video of my current collection of 1:50 diecast construction models. The collection includes haulage vehicles such as ballast trailers, Euro low-loaders, boom transporter, mega windmill section transporters and cranes, both mobile & crawler as well as support/service vehicles. The models are manufactured by WSI, TWH, Conrad, Siku & NZG. All models have been purchased from German, Dutch and American sellers due to competitive pricing. The models are replicas of actual vehicles/equipment manufactured and operated by Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo, MAN, Volkswagen, Nooteboom, Liebherr and Manitowoc Grove. I plan to double my collection in 2011. Some models on top my list are the LTM 1800, LTM 1550, Manitowoc 18000, Manitowoc 31000. Please excuse the bad camera work and the TV noise in the background. I hope you enjoy.

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