Video - New regulations to strengthen drilling safety.

Videa Liebherr LTF New regulations to strengthen drilling safety.

New regulations to strengthen drilling safety.

The Department of the Interior announced on Sept. 30 two new rules that will help improve drilling safety by strengthening requirements for safety equipment, well control systems, and blowout prevention practices on offshore oil and gas operations, and improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of human error. "These new rules and the aggressive reform agenda we have undertaken are raising the bar for the oil and gas industry's safety and environmental practices on the Outer Continental Shelf," said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, who announced the rules today in a speech at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. In August Liebherr, supplier of port equipment, delivered a Mobile Harbour Crane, type LHM 500S to Rukert Terminals. The Rukert Terminals is located at the Port of Baltimore and specializes in the handling of metals, ores, salt, alloys, and other dry bulk and break-bulk cargoes and containers. The growth in the region over the past decades in terms of global trade, and the associated demand of freight and handling capacity has increased the importance of efficient infrastructure. Aluminum Boats Australia's latest vessel, for Chinese Owners, was launched at a ceremony at the shipyard on Thursday 23 September. The vessel was named Carrie by Miss Madeline Whitewood, daughter of ABA's Roy and Karen Whitewood. Also present for the traditional breaking of a champagne bottle on the bow of the vessel was Pan Hengli, Vice President, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC ...

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