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The Caterpillar 996F wheel loader was introduced in 1990 in the USA, Japan, and Belgium as the replacement for the Caterpillar 966E. Features The 966F has a 3306 direct injection turbo, six-cylinder engine producing 220 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It has a three speeds forward, three reverse transmission. It comes standard with a computer monitoring system, inboard mounted final drives, enclosed/adjustment-free brakes, a multi-row module radiator, limited slip differential, ride control system, increased bucket capacity, and a modified cab seat to improve operator comfort. The 966F was manufactured in the USA, with a 4YG prefix; in Japan, with an 8BG prefix; and in Belgium, with a 3XJ prefix. [edit] Modifications Production of 4YG and 3XJ ended in 1993. The Caterpillar 966F Series II wheel loader was introduced in 1993 in the USA, Japan, and Belgium. At this time Caterpillar updated the Japanese 8BG unit, beginning with 8BG02048, and began to produce new units in the USA, with a 1SL prefix, and Belgium, with a 9YJ prefix. With Series II Cat added a number of features, including a larger, more modern operator compartment, lower sound levels, implement efforts, electric shift with autoshift, lower cab height, modified access/egress, and a new marking system. Later in 1993 Caterpillar added full hydraulic brakes, optional ether starting aid and air suspension seat, moved the operator horn control from the floor to the steering wheel, and replaced CSC-based R12 in the air ...

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