Video - London, Gatwick (LGW) to Faro (FAO) in HD

Videa Liebherr LG 1750 London, Gatwick (LGW) to Faro (FAO) in HD

London, Gatwick (LGW) to Faro (FAO) in HD

Caledonian Airways L1011-100 Flight no: CKT 6758 Model by; Aerosim (payware) Panel by; Edward Cox (not available) Paint by; Edward Cox (freeware) Gatwick by; UK2000 (payware) Faro by; Aerosoft (payware) Real weather by; Active Sky 6.5 (payware) Clouds/sky by; HDE v2 (freeware) GSU's by; AES (payware) English FSATC by; It is a post production edit of the FS Capt voice...replaced by my own spoken through a walkie talkie.

FS2004, FS9, Flightsim, edetroit, London, Gatwick, LGW, EGKK, Faro, Portugal, FAO, LPFR, Lockheed, l1011, tristar, Caledonian, Airways



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