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Liebherr T 264 Mining Truck Time Lapse

Backed by thirty years of proven design and operational experience, Liebherr reenters the 240 ton class with the T 264. This fuel-efficient mining truck is built for safety and reliability, and is sized to match the Liebherr R 996 B and R 9800 hydraulic excavators, as well as electric shovels and wheel loaders for optimal performance. Engine Output: 2500 - 2700 hp / 1864 - 2013 kW Empty Vehicle Weight: 184 ton / 167 t Payload Class: 240 ton / 218 t Gross Vehicle Weight: 424 ton / 385 t Productivity: Liebherr Mining Equipment enables superior productivity by loading and hauling maximum tonnage in the shortest amount of time. Customer Support: Liebherr builds more than just mining equipment; Liebherr also builds customer partnerships. Safety: Mining demands an ever-vigilant focus on safety, and Liebherr strictly adheres to industry standards. Liebherr equipment is designed to diminish risk even under the most extreme mining conditions. Environment: Liebherr optimizes mining equipment for fuel economy, emission compliance, and extended service intervals. Learn more here: Filmed and Edited by: Royalty free music licensed by


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