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Liebherr Reachstaker LRS 645

The LRS 645 has a unique design of a curve-shaped, telescopic boom which means unrivalled reach and provides extra space for stacking. Other striking features allow the loading or unloading of containers from/to below ground level without special boom extension, and on top high travel comfort and maximum efficiency are provided by a fully hydrostatic transmission. The Liebherr reachstacker LRS 645 is designed to lift containers as heavy as 45 metric tons into heights of six containers in the first row. In addition, in 4-high by 3-wide block stacks, the LRS 645 can remove the top container in the second row without first removing the top one in the first row. In 3-high by 3-wide block stacks, such striking reach even applies to the top tie in the third row. More informations:


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