Video - liebherr R996 scale 1/12eme

Videa Liebherr Mining excavators liebherr R996 scale 1/12eme

liebherr R996 scale 1/12eme

A new model, I made myself in MECCANO parts of R996 litronic hydraulic excavator, one of the bigger in the world,weight of the model 160kg and 2.20m long. Fully radio-controlled with engine sound and real smoking exhaust pipes. Cylinders are not hydraulics ones but works with leadscrews linear motion. More infos and photos on : or in CONSTRUCTOR QUATERLY magazine N° 83 If you send me a valid email adress I can give you a link to a photo album with lot of construction views and details

hydraulic, excavator, liebherr, model, meccano, electraglide, 1976


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