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Liebherr Mobile and Crawler Cranes

Liebherr builds a wide range of mobile cranes with telescoping or lattice booms on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages, to operate in the most diverse areas. These cranes are powerful, compact and manoeuvrable, and feature ultra-modern "made in Germany" mobile-crane technology that satisfies combined road and off-road operating requirements on construction sites of all kinds, worldwide. To find out more about Liebherr Mobile Cranes go to: Liebherr offers a well-balanced programme of lattice boom crawler cranes with the LR series. In the class below-300 metric tons, low transport weights, rapid self-assembly, optimum load capacity values across the entire working range and comprehensive operating information are among these cranes' main functional features. To find out more about Liebherr Crawler Cranes go to:

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