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Liebherr MK 88 - 3D Animation

Liebherr mobile construction cranes -- so many advantages Operation with interfering edges: The vertical tower allows for Liebherr mobile construction cranes to be erected and operated directly at the building. Take advantage of the full jib length, with high lifting performance at maximum radius. Taxi crane concept: High mobility without any major logistical effort needed -- arrive, lift, move on, without any extra transport involved. Incredible manoeuvrability: Thanks to the active rear axle steering, Liebherr mobile construction cranes can slip into any gap between buildings. One-man operation: Transport, erection, and the entire operation of the crane -- and only one person required. No need for expensive extra transport or additional erection and assembly personnel. Small space requirement: When things get tight - that's when the mobile construction crane really shows off its strengths. The crane needs only a very small amount of space for erection and operation. To find out more about the Liebherr MK 88, check out:

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