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Videa Liebherr Fire-brigade crane Liebherr Krane engl. 1500.wmv

Liebherr Krane engl. 1500.wmv

New system from MARK Save A Life self rescue system or rescuing crane operators or service technicians from erected cranes. It is so simple and safe to set up and use that a stranded person can even free himself from the jib or counter jib of a crane if, for example, a fire or other complication is preventing normal descent. Naturally, injured people can also be rescued very quickly and safely. With the appropriate of rope, this sytem can be used to rescue people from heights of up to 300m. This system proved very impressive during tests carried out in collaboration with SAL on a crane in Bierach. LIENHERR-WERK BIBERACH GMBH rececommend that owner of cranes to provide your technicians and crane operators with such a sytem for emergency use. For more information:

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