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Liebherr Crawler Excavator R 946

Liebherr manufactures tailor-made crawler excavators, with the world's most extensive range of machines and attachments. This range includes 18 machines featuring operating weights of between 14 t and 804 t and engine outputs of between 76 kW and 2 984 kW. Each crawler excavator is thus ideally suited to the requirements of the applications at site. To find out more about Liebherr Crawler Excavators go to: Thanks to its innovative advanced excavator system technology, the R 946 crawler excavator has performance features that are truly unique. Characteristic elements of this system technology include the particularly effective and energy-efficient Positive Control twin circuit hydraulic system, which was specifically designed for machines with a high level of superimposed functions and operational movements. The electronic pump control arrangement sets this technology apart; creating a new standard for performance and quantity control that entirely matches the operator's needs. To find out more about the R 946 go to:

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