Video - lego technic liebherr 954 UHD part 1

Videa Liebherr LTR-series lego technic liebherr 954 UHD part 1

lego technic liebherr 954 UHD part 1

this is my lego liebherr 954 Ultra High Demolition excavator, it's 100% lego, except for the multihose(from the controls to the excavator itself), this is the part with the ripper tooth attached, I've also made a grappler for it (check part 2!), it has 5 pneumatic functions and 1 electric function. it turns 360 degrees around. the tracks aren't driven electricly (i'm running out of motors). the cab tilts manually(by a lego Linear Actuator) that's it! hope you like it!! please rate my video, leave a comment, subscribe me and share this video with your friends

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