Video - Impressionen von der BAUMA 2010 - 1/4

Videa Liebherr Conveyors Impressionen von der BAUMA 2010 - 1/4

Impressionen von der BAUMA 2010 - 1/4

It's BAUMA time again in Munich, and of course I went to capture some more video for you machine fans out there in the world. This is part 1. I walked about 10 kilometers that day, through all the exhibition halls and most of the exterior area. It's impossible to see everything and visit every booth in a single day, but I tried to record as many cool views as I could for you. Enjoy this 4-part video. Also, I have recorded a machinery show in 2 parts, and found a nice miniature demolition model for you to see. In my channel, you'll find a BAUMA playlist. The Playlist is located at

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