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Huge RC Crane The large Hobby RC Tower Crane is a radio controlled construction site vehicle, three feet high and has three realistic sounds just like a real tower crane. 11-function authentic construction site crane! The highly detailed RC Tower Crane can perform all functions and can actually lift light objects just like a real construction site crane. Made by Hobby Engine the RC Tower Crane offers 3 dimensional positing and even has working red blinking and directing lights. You can control all functions from the controller including rotating the boom 360° and the pully on the boom moving forward/backward. The Tower Crane is supplied with a pallet and barrel which can be attached to the hook for lifting and lowering light objects. It is ready to run out of the box with simple attachement to a base and no tools required. The RC Tower Crane is an impressive and realistic making a great gift for children that are fans of construction site vehicles. RC Tower Crane features: - One 1:30 scale RC Tower Crane - Made by Hobby Engine - Ready to run out of the box - 11-function radio control - Rotate boom 360° - Pully moves forward/backward - Hook moves down/up - 3x realistic sound effects - Highly detailed - Red blinking and directing lights - Detachable lifting pallet - Detachable lifting barrel - Can lift light objects - Range of up to 10 feet outdoors - Functions just like a real crane - Suitable for age 8 years and up - Attractive window gift box - Size: RC Tower ...

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