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dredging backacter mimar sinan

To reply to the booming and ever increasing demand for dredging services worldwide, Jan De Nul Group has secured the purchase and early delivery of three mega backhoe dredges at the De Donge Shipyard, the Netherlands. These backhoe dredges of the Backacter type 1100, the 'Vitruvius', the 'Mimar Sinan' and the 'Postnik Yakovlev', are a new and revolutionary designed type of dredging excavator mounted on a pontoon with enhanced capabilities in respect of penetration force, production and maintenance. Featuring double the power of the Il Principe backhoe dredge of the Jan De Nuls fleet, these Backacters are by far the biggest backhoe dredges in the world. The Vitruvius has been delivered end 2007. The delivery of the Mimar Sinan took place in April 2008 and the Postnik Yakovlev will be delivered early 2009. my current rang on board of the ship is apprentice crane operator Length Overall 64.9 m Bucket / Grab Capacity 15 / 25 / 40 m

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