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Videa Liebherr LTR-series Crane model Liebherr LG 1550

Crane model Liebherr LG 1550

My dad builded this crane 10 years ago on base of an existing SIKU-model from the toysshop. He builded it not in the first place for modelling-details but more to try something in electronic control. I work in a shop and i sell electronic stuff like computers and camera's. My boss lent me a camcoder to experience filming with it,and i choose to film my dad's modelcrane. So this is really "MY FIRST SONY" -movie. I also used windows moviemaker for the first time and it went well i suppose, it tok me roughly 1,5 hour to reduce 60 min's of film to 6 min's. I hope you enjoy watching this movie!

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