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Videa Liebherr LG 1750 Conrad Liebherr LR1750 1:50 WELDEX

Conrad Liebherr LR1750 1:50 WELDEX

I just finished painting this crane the other day and to set it up I have replaced the conrad line with heavy duty thread bought from Woolworths - a single 50m reel of it is very cheap and is more than enough for the six winches on the model. Certain parts of the model had to be taken apart for painting - the cab was dismantled so I could paint the interior, all the pulleys were removed and replaced after painting, and the tracks were removed for access to the frames. After each coat of paint about 10 hours drying time was needed so it took many weeks to get to this stage. Decals were printed at home on inkjet decal paper. Any questions please feel free to ask!

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