Video - Can't Ye Dance the Polka? (YT Collaboration) [372-373]

Videa Liebherr T 282 Can't Ye Dance the Polka? (YT Collaboration) [372-373]

Can't Ye Dance the Polka? (YT Collaboration) [372-373]

A capstan chantey, performed as a forebitter, AKA "New York Gals." This is an international YouTube collaboration with Lillie (musica205), a New York gal in Cairo, Egypt. For those folks following the "Shanties from the Seven Seas" project... ...This is Stan Hugill's second offered variant ("B") on the "New York Gals" theme, pp. 281-282 of the abridged edition (Mystic Seaport, 1994). He called it the "normal Packet Rat version--usually sung in a Yankee drawl." Hugill's only other comment about this version is, "Much of this version is unprintable." The main difference between the "actual" form and "clean-up" forms, I suppose, is that in the former there is a longer encounter while in the latter there is merely a brief flirtation implied. Otherwise, with the exception of a curse word or two, there is probably not much "unprintable" to it nowadays. We have followed mostly customary verses, to which I added a new one at the end. In the chorus, the enigmatic "Away you Santi, my dear Annie," is probably a bit of nonsense that refers to the popular figure of Santiana/Santiano/Santiani (the Mexican general Santa Anna, the subject of a well-known chantey). Other versions of the theme have "Susanna": and "Johnny": Please check out the whole chanteys project playlist, at

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