Video - Apocalyptica I Dont Care Ft Adam Gontier VIDEO [OLD VERSION]

Videa Liebherr T 282 Apocalyptica I Dont Care Ft Adam Gontier VIDEO [OLD VERSION]

Apocalyptica I Dont Care Ft Adam Gontier VIDEO [OLD VERSION]

Be smart and read the description! Download! (link fixed) ----------------------------------- FAQ 'Is this the official video?' NO NO NO NO NO!! It's made by myself! "what its the meaning of old version?" it means that the first version of the song it's being used, so i use old version to make it different from those with new version on the title... 'what's the name of the song at the credits?' Maybe... this video will answer your question ------------------------------------ Adam Gontier from Toronto's own Three DAYS GRACE is the guest lead vocalist on 'I Don't Care'. Eicca explains how this collaboration came about. "Actually we didn't know of the band before. We were talking with our American record label because we used their contacts to get in touch with different artists we wanted to reach. We had the song 'I Don't Care' and wanted to find a singer for it. Our European A&R suggested we check out 3 Days Grace. We liked Adam's voice and style so much that we gave it a try. Sometimes it's fun to work with people you didn't know before who you accidentally meet. Adam was really willing to do it. Actually we've reworked the song. Adam originally recorded his vocals in the spring (of 2007) with our producer (Jacob Hellner), but Adam wasn't entirely happy with the result. So a couple of weeks ago, Adam went to the studio with (3DG producer) Howard Benson to record a new version of the song. It's really great. It will actually be on the US ...

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