Video - A Flood Alleviation Structure - Virtual Design Model

Videa Liebherr LTF A Flood Alleviation Structure - Virtual Design Model

A Flood Alleviation Structure - Virtual Design Model

Circa 2006. Video presentation of the Halcrow Bridge Design unit's unique approach to verifying that their design drawing documents would relate to the real-world logistics faced by their Client. They devised a CADD methodology which would augment the Engineering Team's decision making process and convey these decisions to a wider audience than possible, if relying solely on design documents and specifications. Visualisation purposely avoided photo-realism. Preference was for a more illustrative style. Intent being to convey the Design in more accessible way, but not to encourage complacency in the user-base. Budget also excluded costs associated with extensive scene rendering. Technologies used: AutoCAD for drawing documentation and specifications. Google SketchUp Pro; in conjunction with AutoCAD to ensure no dimensional drift. Autodesk Design Review; for Design Team instruction and communication in office, off-site and with off-shore offices. Navisworks Clash Detective; For predicting multiple operation scenarios of lorry interfacing with structure using the digital models. DISCLAIMER: The Author gained no fee, profit, incentive or gratuity for this video. All respective trademarks, copyrights & intellectual property acknowledged herein. The Author of this video has no current paid affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship from Halcrow Group Ltd. This version of presentation is the sole expression and opinion of the Author. Google Earth images originally used under ...

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